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Kids learn better whilst playing, exploring and having fun. Sophie has an extensive experience in teaching French as a foreign language to children. She found that a mixture of songs, games and crafts work really well. This is why she came up with the ‘Mystery French Boxes’. Each box is created around a topic. In each box, children will find a book, an activity pack, some links to some audio or video support, some fun worksheets as well as a parents’ guide sheet. And on top of that there will be a related surprise toy or object.

 Currently are available the following French Mystery Boxes:
Colours, Numbers, Greetings, Animals, Clothes.

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More to come soon!

colours and numbers French mystery leaning bag - Colours and numbers -
- Fruits and food - French mystery leaning bag - Fruits and food -
 - Body parts - French mystery leaning bag - Body parts -
 - Greetings - French learning mystery box - Greetings -

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