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We are offering you the opportunity to learn French at your pace with a new flexible way to learn. The lessons are based on the four main competencies: listening, speaking, writing and reading. I draw on lots of different materials and resources: literature, newspapers, advertising, video clips from movies, soaps and comedians, audio podcasts … You can purchase an additional one to one session over the phone or Skype for an additional fee. You can receive your weekly lesson. This will include a few links to extend your learning and a task. Once you completed and returned the task, you will get an email back with a feedback. You can buy the first lesson for free, following which you can choose different packages to suit your needs.

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4 weeks package £60.00

12 weeks package £150.00
26 weeks package £260.00
52 weeks package £500.00
Skype or phone speaking lessons £10 ph when purchased with a package or £20.00 as stand alone lessons

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